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28 June 2018, Budapest

A day dedicated to stop plastic floods

International workshop and round table discussion

Accompanied by PLASTIC Cup and Trash Art exhibition



“Empty plastic bottles, mixed with other waste, are dumped year by year on the river banks and are flushed downstream during flood events. This pollution could be highly visible resulting in curtains of plastic on riparian vegetation. Plastic waste also could be buried on the floodplains by fluvial sediments, or microparticulation poses an invisible threat for the wildlife and for humans. In all respects that has resulted in cross-border complaints from downstream countries. The signs of this pollution are intensely present throughout the whole Tisza basin and reach the main Danube River where this plastic waste can also be seen in the main protected areas of the Danube Delta and has an impact on the Black Sea environment.”

The problem is recognised all over the world, but there is still a lack of effective and well-organised actions to drastically reduce waste pollution. What is the situation globally and what are the policy measures in EU level to overcome problems? How river basin districts are feeding the Adriatic and the Black Seas’ Region with plastic waste?

The Danube Day event, supported by the DTP JOINTISZA project, aims to call the attention to growing problem of plastic waste pollution and it also offers a networking platform to those actively involved in policy and NGO level to find joint solutions toward the reduction of the emerging waste problem. As a follow-up outcome of the event the intention is to draft possible solutions and outline measures in the updated Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan which is now under development in the frame of the DTP JOINTISZA project.


A projekt a Duna Transznacionális Programból, az Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap támogatásával, az Európai Unió és a Magyar Állam társfinanszírozásával valósul meg.

This project is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF fund) and Hungary.


Date: 28th June 2018
Venue:a Hely’ (1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 31/a).


Participation at the event is free of charge, but preliminary registration is required. Registration is open until 20 June 2018 (limited up to 80 participants).

Please register here!


DRAFT AGENDA - 28th of June 2018 (Thursday)

13:00 –  13:30



13:30 – 13:45


Gábor Jenei (National Coordinator of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary)

Office of the President of Hungary - TBC

Balázs Horváth (Priority Area Coordinator of water quality priority area of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary)



13:45 – 14:00

Global marine litter situation
Katalin Czippán (Deputy Chair - Commission on Education and Communication, IUCN)

14:00 – 14:15

EU policy landscape to tackle plastic pollution
Vivien Ifka (waste management expert, Ministry of Innovation and Technology of hungary)

14:15 -14:30

Report on plastic waste status by the Adriatic Sea
Uroš Robič (environmental expert, Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia)

14:30 – 14:45

Monitoring of Microplastic pollution
Gábor Bordós (project coordination manager, Wessling Hungary Ltd.)

14:45 – 15:00

Macro plastic in and along the Danube: introduction of the PlasticFreeDanube project
Sabine Lenz (Research associate, Institute of Waste Management, BOKU- University, Vienna, PlasticFreeDanube Project)

15:00 – 15:15

Situation in the Tisza River Basin - JOINTISZA project
Diana Heilmann and Viktor Oroszi (Senior advisors, EU Strategy for the Danube Region Priority Area 4 & 5)

15:15– 15:30

Ukrainian waste management strategy and feedback on the follow-up activities of the plastic waste related measures of first Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan
Olena Marushevska (senior expert, NGO “Zakarpattya Oblast Branch of All-Ukrainian Ecological League”)

15:30 – 16:15

Round table discussion with the speakers
Moderator: Gergely Hankó (Managing Director, Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises)


16:15 – 16:45  

Coffee break & Exhibition opening, networking

“Message in the bottle” international movie premier

16:45 – 17:00

Short story of PLASTIC Pirates and the Tisza
Attila Dávid Molnár (Director) - Gergely Hankó (Producer)

17:00 – 18:00





1. The venue of the Danube Day event:

a Hely’ (1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 31/a).

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