The ÖKOINDUSTRIA 2021 green fair and conference focused on the issues of circular economy, water management and electromobility, while enabling Hungarian innovations worthy of international interest to introduce themselves.

More than 4000 visitors and 70 exhibitors participated in the three-day virtual and online programme. The Virtual Start-up Market Award and the ÖKOINDUSTRIA Grand Prize were awarded on the closing day.

The KSZGYSZ-HEPA-GGGI strategic cooperation agreement was signed at the opening ceremony.

The event in numbers:

  • 3 days
  • 100+ program elements
  • 150 speakers
  • 4300+ registered participants
  • 14000+ stand visits
  • 70 exhibition stands, 19 Dutch companies and startups
  • 320+ connections
  • 133 participants in 100+ meetings on the EEN B2B platform

The ÖKOINDUSTRIA attached great importance to supporting new initiatives and technologies, thus it offered 10 free virtual booths to eco-innovators and green start-ups. The participants of the Start-up Market were assessed by a jury of four. The members of the jury were Annamária Virág (PANNON Pro Innovations), Márk Horváth (Blue Planet Foundation), Attila Katona (CEU) and Zsófia Tomaj (sustainable development expert).

The jury awarded three participants with special awards. Compocity won complete carbon footprint calculation for a product/service by courtesy of ZeroKarbon. Water MiniLab was awarded investment readiness counselling and coaching from Silent Rock. W-heat won a 2-3 minute image or promotional video produced by Society.

The Grand Prize of ÖKOINDUSTRIA2021 was awarded in two categories. The jury was the 9-member management of HAEE.

The Platio Solar (Innovatív Térburkolatfejlesztő Kft), a Budapest start-up that developed and manufactured the PLATIO solar pavement, won the award in the most innovative project category. PLATIO is an innovative construction product using solar cells. It is an eco-friendly source of clean energy since its base is made from recycled plastic – which makes it doubly green. It operates on the same principles as traditional solar panels; it is an aesthetic and space-saving alternative to solar roof panels.

1. image Innovatív Térburkolatfejlesztő Kft. a (Platio Solar)1. image Innovatív Térburkolatfejlesztő Kft. a (Platio Solar)

The winner of the most visited booth category of ÖKOINDUSTRIA grand prize was ENVIROTIS Holding Zrt for offering all-round solutions to managing industrial waste and implementing remediation projects at industrial and damaged areas in whole Hungary. They offer green and innovative solutions to their partners; their activities are governed by their devotion to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable economy.2. image ENVIROTIS Holding Zrt.2. image ENVIROTIS Holding Zrt.

The ÖKONDUSTRIA grand prizes were made from driftwood found at the River Tisza and recycled plastic waste extracted from the river. Gergely Hankó, CEO of HAEE handed them over to Andor Czeglédi, Vice President of ENVIROTIS Holding and Helga Ruscsák, marketing director of Innovatív Térburkolatfejlesztő Kft.

Ökoindustria Grand PrizeÖkoindustria Grand Prize

Gold Sponsors: Innovációs és Technológiai Minisztérium, Kék Bolygó Klímavédelmi Alapítvány, Envirotis Holding Zrt.

Silver Sponsors: Alteo Nyrt., Bálint Analitika Kft.

Bronze Sponsors: Austin Al  Europe, Optimum Solar Kft., Encotech Kft., Lugos Renewables, Returpack Kft., Wessling Kft.

Strategic Parter: HEPA(Hungarian Export Promotion Agency)

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