Our Activities

The association is a professional body, organisation for public benefit. The Association acts in line with the principles of environmental protection.

The association organises more conferences and workshops a year to spread professional information.

The professional work is carried out in the framework of Working Groups.

The members receive the Newsletter about the national or international conferences, books, information, national or international environmental tenders, EU or national environmental legislation. This is a tool for communication among the members, too. The member companies can share their news in a paragraph for free in these newsletters in every second week. We publish a yearbook on the environmental industry yearly. (EcoIndustry Yearbook).

We launched our Statement on Environmental Responsibility the year 2012. (Környezetvédelmi Felelősségvállalási Nyilatkozat).

The association has founded the Awards for Environmental Protection. We handed out the 2 categories for the 14th times this year. 

In 2011 the KEXPORT Cluster was founded to promote the export of the environmental industry.

We have been organising the ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Environmental Industry, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Exhibition since 2009. We organised the 5th ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Exhibition at the  Hungarian Railway Museum on 18-10th November, 2017.

We operate a database at www.kszgysz.hu (http://xir.kszgysz.hu) XIR, which contains companies of the environmental industry. The registration to the database is free of charge.

We founded the ASZEK (Cluster of Accredited Organizations)

Working Groups 

The main objective of the KSZGYSZ Working Groups is to shape and express professional views on new or modified pieces of environmental legislation. The coordination of members in market processes is also among the objectives. 

The members of the Working Groups could be the members of the Association exclusively.

In case of a new demand a member of the Association could set up a new Working Group. 
The initiative to set up a new working group is to be launched at the board of the Association. The newsletter can share this information with other members. Each member of the Association could send a representative to the kick off meeting. During the kick off meeting the members decide the chair person and the deputy chair and on the its work plan. The Chairman manages the Working Group. The chairmen of the Working Groups provide information on their WGs’ achievements regularly to the members of the Association.

The Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (HAEE) was founded in 1992 to represent the environmental industry in Hungary. The Association is a major stakeholder, its network and area of expertise and also its knowledge base due to the wide variety of its members enables the association to be the strategic partner of the government and international organizations. HAEE members are companies providing environmental services, R&D institutes, manufacturers&distributors actively searching for the most up-to-date solutions for the national and international environmental issues, like: water supply&treatment, waste treatment&recovery, air pollution control, soil remediation, noise&vibration reduction.

The HAEE with its 230 members represents the Hungarian environmental industry. Its network includes universities, research institutes
and green NGOs. HAEE has daily contact with the hungarian ministries and legislators to represent the hungarian green industry’s interests.

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HAEE is an active member in 3 international associations (ISWA, NICOLE, EWA) to hence the cooperation between the global initiatives and organizes national and international conferences, attends and represents the Hungarian industry in international forums, negotiations, joint economic committees, B2B events (on average 10-15 conferences are organized by HAEE yearly). Since 2009 HAEE organises the biannual ÖKOINDUSTRIA which is the only International Environmental Industrial Exhibition and Conference in Hungary. In 2007, HAEE has launched the KEXPORT Program to promote the export of innovative environmental technology. KEXPORT became a Cluster in 2011 and helps the Association’s since then to disseminate the
hungarian innovations.

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The milestones in our history of more than 20 years *:

1995 The Act on Protection of the Environment came into force, which declared the importance of environmental protection and the environmental industry as well. The opinions of the association are reflected in more parts of the texts of this Act. We have started with the yearbook on the Environmental industry, which was distributed to the local governments and the partners of our members for free.

1998 The Association has become organisation for public benefit. 
We have started to develop the XIR Internet database with profiles and contact details of environmental companies to contribute to transparency professional information.

2000 we have organised the first 2 days’ meeting for the members, which is still a popular regular event.
We have changed the name of the Association. The Hungarian name reflects the importance of the service providers and producers as well.

2001 We have organised the 1st Environmental Ball, which was followed by 11 success events in the following years. The Ball provides the event celebration to the Awards for Environmental Protection. Each year we award companies which performed excellent environmental activities and a person to acknowledge a life dedicated to the principles of environmental protection.

1995-2008 The Association participated on the ÖKOTECH International Environmental Exhibition.

2007 We launched the KEXPORT Program to promote the export of innovative environmental technology. The KEXPORT became a Cluster in 2011.

2009 The association organised the 1st ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Environmental Industry Exhibition.

Legal statute

Due to the well prepared work of the founders, the main objectives, the mission, and the activities in the legal statute of the Association remained the same.

  • We have found an Association, which gives priority to the environmental principles comparing to the companies’ interests.
  • Our objectives are mainly the same as the objectives of the authorities or the legislators. The differences in the opinions are basically refers to the ways leading to the final goal.
  • Our members are interested in precise, open information. We have shared a part of this information with everyone to strengthen the market and the clients.
  • We have been providing technical, market, economic and legal information to the members since the foundation. .
  • We have been providing information about the member companies to any other participants of the market.
  • We use the widest network of social, professional and public organisations, chambers of commerce to develop strategic partnership.
  • We have been successful to keep distance from politics.

We have been striving to confirm that our objective is correct:

Business and protection of the environment are not conflicting.
The determining role of the environment protection is referring to the economy and the world’s fate is not in question to anybody anymore.

We would see our Association still being a catalyst in this process together with other organisation, which are thinking in similar way.

*Based on the speech of Dr László. Kovács, the President of the Association, on the celebration of the 20’s anniversary of the Association.


dr. Csaba Ágoston (KVI-Plusz Ltd.)


Vice presidents

Mária Bálint  (Bálint Analitika Ltd.)

Katalin Lágler (Sarpi Dorog Ltd.)


Members of the board

Balázs Bocskay (Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd.)

Benedek Iga  (Encotech Ltd.)

Judit Jeney (GreenLab Ltd.)

Keve Papp (Zöld Zóna Ltd.)

Tamás Szigeti (Wessling Hungary Ltd.)

Gergely Tóth (Elgoscar-2000 Ltd.)

László Kovács (substitute member) (ENVITOP Ltd.)

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