The Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (HAEE) is a nonprofit advocacy organization, established 30 years ago. At present with 255 member companies, which are important economic operators of the Hungarian green industry covering a wide range of activities.

HAEE members are companies providing environmental services, R&D institutes, manufacturers & distributors, universities and green NGOs, who work to observe and enforce the local, regional and global goals, principles and priorities of environment and nature protection.

They promote protecting biodiversity, achieving the goals of climate policy, conserving natural resources, implementing circular economy, and also the economical and effective usage of materials and energy. The aim is to improve environmental processes and activities both at national and international level, with special regard to the Carpathian Basin, The Danube River Catchment Area and the V4 cooperation.



International memberships

Our Association is an active member in 3 international associations (ISWANICOLEEWA) to enhance the cooperation between the global initiatives and organizes national and international conferences, attends and represents the Hungarian industry in international forums, negotiations, joint economic committees, B2B events (on average 10-15 conferences are organized by HAEE yearly).


We are a member of


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