Imagine a plastic free riverside snack bar or camp site… No plastic plates or cutleries, selective waste collection is in use, and the beach is kept clean. Imagine institutions, schools, local governments that teach, deem vital and demonstrate with their daily operations how to lead a sustainable and eco-friendly life by minimising waste generation. And if you have imagined it, let’s do it!

11 November 2022 -The results of the international river protection project Tid(y)Up – Follow the Plastic from Source to the Sea were presented at a two-day closing event. In the framework of this co-ordinated action plan, as a result of research carried out in order to eliminate the plastic contamination of the Danube and the Tisza, river clean-up actions, awareness-raising activities and the elaboration of legislative proposals, not only 18 tons of waste were removed from the water, but the 21 organizations from 7 countries participating in the project implemented international cooperation and raised the representation of the rivers to a higher level. It was also thanks to this project that in 2022, the PET Cup prevented the release of more waste into the natural environment than what was collected from the river and its flood plains this year.

What is the purpose of this toolkit?

The “Plastic-free waterside” online knowledge base is a methodology toolkit, a bottom-up initiative to help waste reduction efforts of riverside holiday resorts and restaurants, local governments and the general public.  Based on this methodology the institutional knowledge is transferred to stakeholders.

A coordinated action plan to tackle plastic pollution in the Danube and Tisza rivers

Venue: Budapest University of Technology and Economics "K" building, 1st floor, Banquet Hall/Díszterem (1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3.) and Kisköre, Hungary
Organisers: Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises, and IO-BAS

F(ol)low the Plastic from source to the sea: Tisza-Danube integrated action plan to eliminate plastic pollution of rivers

Short project summary

Step-by-step, international professional workshop for river saving 

At 22nd June 2022., at the building of the Directorate of Water Management at the Middle Tisza (KÖTIVIZIG) the 7th National Tisza Roundtable was held within the framework of the INTERREG DTP Tid(y)UP Project. The event, organized by the and the Association of Environmental Enterprises the progress was made since the last year was enumerated and the possible directions of the further steps and actions was discussed. A great success, that several government offices and municipalities showed up at the conference, since, as a result of the direct discussions, the organisers hope to see further cooperation on the way towards the goals set. 

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