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The EWWR 2022 is going great! Wonderful actions are arriving from different cities and regions in Europe and beyond. The registration for this 14th edition, which is focused on Circular and Sustainable Textiles, will close on 13 November.

You can still register your action to participate in the campaign that will take place from 19 to 27 November 2022. So, pick an idea and register it! It is very easy, go to the EWWR website and follow the instructions

As the countdown to the registration deadline has already started, we want to give a boost to those who are still hesitating on how to shape an action.

First of all, we would like to remind you that you can register any awareness-raising actions on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, or clean-up. EWWR actions take very different forms. Conferences, contests, information booths, and exhibitions are just some examples. Looking for inspiration? Visit the Ideas’ Hub. As you know, every year the EWWR focuses on a different aspect of waste prevention in order to draw attention to high-impact areas related to our unsustainable consumption habits as a society. Nevertheless, action developers are not forced to refer to the current thematic focus. The action could consider other sectors of waste prevention, always respecting the guidelines of the Participation Charter

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