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In 2023, our Association will have 265 members, which makes our organization the largest environmental advocacy organization in the country. The way to become a member of the Association is determined by the Statutes of Association.

Registration as a member of the Association is voluntary. After a potential member fills out the entry form and sends it to the KSZGYSZ secretariat, the Board decides on the membership application at the next board meeting.

Membership categories

According to the legal status of the member, he can be a regular, associate or associate member, the conditions for this are laid down in the Statutes of Association. Membership begins with the payment of the membership fee.

  • An ordinary member of the Association can be:
    any business organisation, company or other individual entrepreneur, institute, or institution operating in the field of environmental services, with or without legal personality, which carries out its activities in Hungary, with its registered headquarters in Hungary, or with a branch or commercial representation in Hungary in the case of a foreign company, which accepts the Statutes of the Association as binding, and undertakes to pay membership fees, and which supports the achievement of its objectives in a professional or other form.
  • An associate member of the Association can be:
    any business entity, non-profit organisation, budgetary body, or its background institution or regional representation having independent legal personality. Its rights and obligations are defined in the agreement between the Association and the associate member. An associate member shall have no voting rights but shall be entitled to all the benefits and advantages to which ordinary members are entitled.
  • A supporting member of the Association can be:
    any non-profit organisation, economic organization - foreign or domestic - or its regional representation, or foreign or Hungarian legal entity having independent legal personality, that accepts the objectives of the Association and supports its realisation in financial, professional or other forms, and pays a supporting membership fee. The fee for the supporting membership is twice the ordinary membership fee at any time.
    Its rights and obligations are defined in the agreement between the Association and the sponsoring member. The Supporting Member shall not have the right to vote but shall be entitled to all the benefits and advantages to which ordinary members are entitled.

Regular and supporting members of the Association are obliged to pay the annual membership fee.

Membership fee

Membership begins with the payment of the membership fee. The annual regular membership fee in 2023 is HUF 211,000/organization, uniform (VAT-free, gross, automatically changes annually with the rate of inflation specified by the KSH). The General Assembly decides on a different membership fee change.

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Services we offer to our members

  • Discounted participation in our professional events - we organise several conferences a year, where our members can usually benefit from a 10+% discount and further promotional opportunities. Professional conferences and workshops are also initiated by our members to address a topical issue, and your suggestions are welcome.
  • Writing applications, participating in national and international tenders, where we offer business partnership by mediation in products and services,
  • Established media relations allowing to introduce and popularize ecoindustrial activities of the members as well.
  • In our newsletters every two weeks we keep our members informed of the current events, the actual tenders and the legislative changes in the green industry.
  • Our traditional green industry exhibition event, the ÖKOINDUSTRIA Environmental Trade Exhibition on environmental technologies and services is a national and international product showcase and partner meeting organised by the Association biannually, offering our members discounted participation fee. In 2024 it will be launched as a new exhibition: ENVIRONTEC powered by ÖKOINDUSTRIA in cooperation with HUNGEXPO, Hungary’s and the region’s leading exhibition and conference organiser.
  • We organise annual National Meeting and For the Protection of the Environment Award Gala focusing on networking and the professional acknowledgement of the most outstanding performances in 3 categories (Corporate, Youth and Individual) offering members a discounted participation.
  • We have several thematic working groups, in which only our member companies participate. An overview of the working groups is available at and you can also register online to join the working group(s) that are relevant to you. Working language is Hungarian.
  • To ensure the supply of new professional staff, the Association operates a free green jobportal (ZÖLDÁLLÁSPORTÁL-hu), where our member companies also regularly publish their job advertisements, and students from several educational institutions are looking for internships and placements.and jobs. We recommend using this green jobs portal.
  • The KEXPORT Cluster, established by HAEE, helps to develop foreign publicity and business contacts for our member companies. The KEXPORT Cluster is open to member companies wishing to enter or expand their market activities abroad.
  • The Cluster of Accredited Organisations is an organisation set up by the CSCEAM, in cooperation with the NAH, as a professional forum for accredited CSCEAM member companies, open to companies engaged in this activity. On the basis of requests from individual member companies, we contribute to the realisation of tenders and projects and create partnerships within the framework of our extensive network of professional and social contacts at home and abroad.
  • In all cases, we give preference to our member companies when responding to requests for cooperation received by the Association.


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